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Many teachers have passed by the greenleaves until now.


Many teachers passed by the greenleaves.

2005年11月の開校から今までに、何人の、いや何十人の 外国人の先生が変わっていったんだろう。上の写真はまだこの頃の先生たちです。変わっていった全部の先生の写真を、この上の枠に貼ったらいくつもの写真の層ができるでしょう。








● 2020年の現在、人口減少・高齢化からくる労働力の減少から外国人を大幅に受け入るようになりましたが、ちょっと前の日本と、労動力が必要なこれからの日本とは、外国人を受け入れる状況が変わってきているようです。もしかしたら、日本語の読み書きができなくても定住は、大丈夫なのかもしれません。



Ivason from England






Many teachers have changed since greenleaves were opened in 2005. The pictures in the upper frame is recent. I can't guess how many teachers have changed until now.  However I just know that they can create many layers in the upper frame. 


They seem to leave their countries for some reasons. Some people have things they don't want to remember very much, others seem to come to Japan with big dreams. Many kinds of reasons exist there There seems to be foreigners who look for good countries to earn as an English teacher by advance. However it's sure that Japan is a paradise for them. 


First when they started thinking living in Japan forever, they notice a big hurdle in fron of them. It is Japanese. Especially kanji. They seem to be unable to recognize them.

They can't find jobs to earn without language teachers.( It means that they don't hope to work as manual workers.) Therefore they have to go back to their countries. 


But reacetly their situations changed a lot.  Japan started needing more foreigners as workers. Japan's population is decreasing. The number of workers in Japan is decreasing as well by them. So Japan has to open the gate to them. But in this case situations are a little different from the past. From recently they ( who can work as manual workers) can live in Japan forever to find jobs even though they can't write and read Japanese. I think. 


However if someone ask me whose lesson you want to see one more time?  I'll response  it's Ivason's lesson. He used to teach loudly. So students could understand clearly. I felt like it was coming from the background of his gene. Could you understand my expressions? Anyways I used to feel the difference of scale from his lessons.


He stayed at greenleaves for about a year. After all he went back to England to enter the school of a nurse. His life in Japan seemed to be a life for looking for himself. I had a good experience.